I am super proud to announce that I am now endorsed by Schecter Guitars! This was a bit of a surreal moment to have 2 Sik guitars delivered to your doorstep. These are for you. Oh thanks!!

These will be my main live guitars once I have them all set up in Divinity tuning. Perhaps Greener will get some action on the Devin Townsend tour this week. If Keith Jonathan III Branston gets it set up before we leave tommorow!! I chose the Keith Merrow 7's as I just recorded part 3 of the immortalist trilogy with a km7 that Gord Olson lent me. It has a slightly longer scale so the low B, which for us is actually an A, really intonates nicely and has a much more comfortable tension. Anyone who plays 7 string in drop tunings will understand.

The guitars sound killer and play like butter. My trusty Musicman is not happy about this whole deal but after 10 years it's time to switch it up and forge down new paths.

Super huge thanks to Gord Olson for getting this whole this started and getting me in touch with the Schecter guys. Thanks to Anthony and Ryan at Schecter Guitars for ensuring I got exactly what I wanted. Thanks to Erik Lindat SFM for the crazy quick shipment. Man did you make my day!!!! Thanks to Keith Merrow for knowing exactly what a great metal guitar should be.

Super huge thanks to my lovely and beautiful partner Marija Smolcic for the unending support and encouragement throughout the years. I could not have gotten here without you!

Cheers to my boys in Divinity. We leave tomorrow for the best shows of the year! Let's do this thing!!!

Come out to see Devin TownsendFallujah, and Divinity rip up western Canada!

- James Duncan