In one week we will be releasing the song "Primeval" from our upcoming new album. It will be available on all major music platforms and we'll have lots more updates coming soon but for now... feast upon the artwork. ðŸ¤˜ðŸ˜ŽðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦

We are excited to announce our new bass player - Adrian Codirenzi ðŸ¤˜ðŸ˜Ž He's a great bass player, based in Calgary, Alberta, with the rest of the band. Adrian is currently deep into working on all the Divinity riffage and new songs we have coming out later this year. We can expect to see some bass playthrough videos very soon as well!



We are stoked to be playing Loud as Hell this year! We are playing the Loud as Hell Festival this year and will be direct support on Friday, July 31, 2020.

Loud as hell 2020

We are very excited to announce that we have completed the new album and are currently in final preparations for the release.

divinity spotify 2019

@brettduncandrummer is doing a killer job tracking these new songs.

brett recording

divinity immonolith

This Friday in Calgary and Saturday in Edmonton, we support Imonolith on their first run of live shows... We're stoked to play some new songs we've been working on too! Get tickets at http://concertworks.ca

Stoked to announce I’m endorsing Paiste cymbals. I recorded a demo on one of the new Divinity songs last night, and right out of the box these cymbals are next level. Thanks to Ryan and Jaret at Paiste Canada, Peter at Erickson, and Dano at Efkay for the help!

brett endorsing Paiste cymbals

Mornin’ humans! Happy to announce I’m officially endorsing Remo Drumheads. Thanks to Roger @ Remo and Scott @ Coast for helping me out! I’ll be reskinning the kit over Christmas and releasing more videos in the new year. Stoked!

brett duncan vater drumsticks

Happy to announce I’m endorsing Vater drumsticks! Model ‘Concert Maple SD1 Wood Tip’. That’s a lot of words.

Demoing new tunes tonight, new album is half done, hoping to be in the studio in early spring. Metal is time consuming. Time to blast.

Cheers to @chrisdonaldson222 and @thegridmtl for the amazing production work they did for The Immortalist. @yycmusicawards 2018

Cheers to the YYC Music Awards and to the other nominees

divinity award

Although we haven't been posting much lately... We'll have a show announcement coming up soon too... Stay tuned!!

He'll be playing a bunch of Divinity music and talking about his experience of playing drums for the past 20+ years.

brett drum clinic

We're Live https://youtu.be/zAoUNO7705M

The Trois-Rivières Metalfest was absolutely amazing in many different ways and we want to take a moment here to thank everyone who made our trip the memorable experience it was...

Jean-francois Houle and his TRMF crew, Annie, Alex, JD, Dominic, Sam, Stephane and the rest for all their excellent work and hospitality. We were blown away with what was provided to us and the solid teamwork all around.

We finally went to church today. Amazing and intense.

divinity the grid
Brett picked up some Tama Drums equipment for the show... Thanks Dan and Tama!
plane to trmf
iced earth divinity 2

ie tour 2018

IE shows 2018 calg

TRMF 2018

This coming April, we're stoked to return to Quebec to play Trois-Rivières Metalfest 2018 with DeicideDespised IconBeyond Creation and many more killer bands!! 

Tickets are on sale now online 

"I’m stoked to announce that I’ve joined the roster of Tama drummers. I bought my first Tama kit in 2002, been a fan since." - Brett Duncan


Divinity Brett Duncan Axis Percussion 2017

I’m proud to announce that I’m officially endorsing Axis bass drum pedals! I’ve been using Axis since 2004, I wouldn’t be able to play the music I do without these pedals.

If you’re a drumming enthusiast, check out their products at axispercussion.com

- Brett Duncan

We have 2 new shirts added to our online store!

divinity store Military Green

divinity store Dark Gray

bnp podcast

We had such a blast doing the Gettin' Hard in Nate's Backyard podcast with Nate Reno! ...and we can't wait to bring him on the road with us as our main sound tech. too! Take a listen and hear some interesting stories from our past, present, and future.

Stream: http://bignateproductions.com/category/episode-profile/?epid=290

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/natesbackyard/id982640916

This Podcast was recorded September 12th, 2017 in The Bunker at Get Hard Studios in Calgary, AB, Canada.

We're stoked to announce the addition of a 2nd guitarist to our line-up - Gord Olson! Gord is a dedicated and talented 7-string shredder who is endorsed by Schecter Guitars and is also currently active in numerous projects such as Calgary act Ye Goat-Herd Gods, and Demisery, a death metal collaboration with Keith Merrow of Alluvial and Conquering Dystopia.

Sean Jenkins, singer in the band said,

“The band had originally asked Gord to join the band about 4 years ago but the timing and commitment was not able to work out. Recently, about 2 months ago, Gord was hanging out at a jam session and by the end of it we all sort of realized that the opportunity for Gord to learn some songs and start jamming was now possible. Gord really took bull by the horns and has learned a 10-song live set in a matter of just weeks… and he's nailing it; really adding another huge layer of thickness and some killer leads too! We couldn't be more stoked to have dual guitarists again!”

Take a look at Gord's Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/Prayfordarkness

Gord James Schecter2

TOUR TIME! We're excited to announce a Dual Album Release Mini-Tour in Alberta, Canada, with Expain plus guests!!

Both of our new albums 'Divinity - The Immortalist' & 'Expain - Pinching Nerves' will be available at these shows along with a bunch of other great merch to choose from.

Huge thanks to Voxx PromosAsher Media Relations and everyone else involved in putting these shows together!!

Our New Album is available at all digital Music Stores!

Pages 6 & 7 featuring the song 'D.M.T.' and James Duncan. Pre-order the new album now at www.divinity.ca/store.html

Booklet Preview 001

Pre-Order Now

You can pre-order the new album in digital format (MP3 & WAV) and as a limited edition physical CD Digipak. Plus you get 2 new songs ("Atlas" & "Hallowed Earth") now in MP3 / WAV formats as an instant download.

We're very excited to announce we have launched our online store and you can pre-order the new album now!! Plus, get 2 new songs from the new album NOW if you pre-order today.

divinity store the immortalist digipak

We are extremely excited to announce our new album release dates!

Pre-Order: April 14th, 2017

You can pre-order the new album in digital format (MP3 & WAV) and as a limited edition physical CD Digipak.

Worldwide: May 26th, 2017

Available at all digital music stores online.

We will be setting a seperate shipping date for our limited edition CD Digipaks. More details coming soon!

We're very excited to finish our EP trilogy! Expect to see Part 3 released early 2017!

yycma logo 300xds7




We're back home from the mini-tour and it was a complete success. We'll post a proper tour photo gallery and update very soon...

I am super proud to announce that I am now endorsed by Schecter Guitars! This was a bit of a surreal moment to have 2 Sik guitars delivered to your doorstep. These are for you. Oh thanks!!

divi dtp 2016





hell raiser 2016


ne obliva divinity


albertilation 2016


LAH 2016 Poster


divi show apr9 2016


Alright the new album is out there! You should be able to find it on any digital music store and we're looking into digi-paks because there is still a demand for physical. So stoked to see this release happen!! CRANK IT!

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1KuS30f 
iTunes: http://apple.co/1PbjAm1
Spotify: http://bit.ly/1T2I7NZ
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1QhSuYc
Google Play: http://bit.ly/1PZcxAo

We've decided to release the songs early and make them available to purchase via Bandcamp!

Today, we present an advance stream of Momentumfor your listening pleasure/curiosity/powerlifting accompaniment/background distraction.


Good news! We have a new bass player!! Keith Branston has taken on the Divinity bass guitar duties and we're very excited to have Keith join the group as we prepare for more recording and live shows this year. Keith also plays guitar in his band called The Archon Prophecy - check 'em out! ... 2016 is going to be great!!


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We setup the drums in an alley in Victoria, BC, for Brett to do a quick jam and deliver another episode of Drumming with Brett.


We have some awesome merch for girls available now! The "Green D" Racerback Tank Top can be ordered by contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Why have one singer... when you can have two?


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