Position In Band

Drums, Dad, Diaper Changer, Corgi Walker

Musical Influences

Hetfield & Ulrich, Stanley & Simmons, the Abbott brothers, Hakke, and everyone involved in the making of def leppard's 'hysteria'. 

Favorite Bands

Kiss, Metallica, slayer and pantera are all time favorites. Also meshuggah, cryptopsy, SYL, soilwork. Let's not forget Weird Al. 

Other Hobbies

Muay Thai, water skiing, changing diapers, picking things up, then putting them down, making holes in objects with firearms, and just really giving a shit. 

Musical Background

Grade 6 royal conservatory piano, grade 1 theory. Learned to play 'down on the corner' on guitar. Learned to play 'I love rock n roll' on bass.
Then played drums for 21 years.