The band has pushed to it's fullest and have created a masterpiece of a third full length album. The Immortalist trilogy is complete and the boys in the band couldn't be happier with how it has all turned out. The album has been supported with a Western Canadian tour and a special show in Quebec for the Trois Riviere Metal Fest.

After that, the band went into heavy writing and recording mode and really taking their time in the process of it all. The band decided to take on the recording the drums entirely on their own where in the past the band would book studio time and work with an audio engineer to capture the 18+ microphones that usually are being used when recording Brett's massive drum kit.

In early 2019, Brett was ready to record his drums and the band had gathered all of the recording gear necessary and managed to track and edit professional quality drums. This was a major achievement for the band because now all instruments and players are able to record themselves and avoid huge studio costs that the band always struggled to cover.