This new type of thinking spawned the idea of doing a Trilogy concept album. The idea was to create 3 EP albums consisting of 4 songs that would contain lyrical and musical themes based on concept story. The band had created a concept and started building song ideas and storyline content. The Immortalist Trilogy was born and began to take shape.

Adding in past bass player, Jeff Waite, as a 2nd vocalist really changed the dynamic of the band. This would lead to further changing the sound and evolving the band's direction.

In 2015, Nick Foster decided to part ways with the band. It was tough to see Nick move on but the band was happy to have him as the DIVINITY bass player through some of our strongest and toughest times of the band's career. He will always be a brother to them.

In early 2016, DIVINITY relased the second part to The Immortalist Trilogy and couldn't be more excited to unleash their 4 new songs as well as finish writing and recording of part 3! DIVINITY was able to find a new bass player, Keith Branston, who has been a long-time fan of the band and also plays guitar in his own band called, The Archon Prophecy.