While singer/guitarist, Sean Jenkins, was still in high school, jamming in his parents basement with friends in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, his life path crossed with guitarist, James Duncan, creating the solid foundation DIVINITY would later come to rest on. Leaving the comforts of their rehearsal space to test their skills in a live setting, the Canadian natives made their on-stage debut by playing live "Battle of the Bands" shows in Calgary. Several years and several line-up changes later, the chemistry created by the addition of drummer, Brett Duncan, and bass player/singer, Jeff Waite, prompted the band to record their five-song Intensify EP. A year or two after their EP release, the band started to see more change was required to achieve the sound they were looking for. Deciding on a dual guitar approach, Sacha Laskow was recruited into the band's ranks, and when Nick Foster was enlisted to handle bass duties, DIVINITY had at last found their missing elements.