Why have one singer... when you can have two?

Jeff Waite joins our line-up as a second vocalist and we are extremely excited about the possibilites of having two singers both with diverse range and character. We call Jeff by his nickname, Beast, because of his constant "Beast Mode" way of being in everything he does. This guy will add a new level of brutality but he'll also blow your mind with his on-stage antics and expressions. He's also a fuckin' funny motherfucker! He can crack jokes at you and have you laughing at yourself along with everyone else. Beast is known to never hold back. He jams at full blast. Basically, he is his own sideshow to enjoy while he sings along with the rest of Divinity. 

Did you know Jeff played bass for Divinity from 2001-2004?

Jeff first joined the band as Divinity's bass player back in 2001. He became great friends with everyone in the band and Divinity started to expand it's reach beyond Alberta, Canada. We played all over western Canada and got to open for big acts such as Cannibal Corpse during the following few years after he first joined. Things didn't work out in the end with Jeff as our bass player but as a second vocalist he is a perfect fit! Time has a way of sorting things out and with Jeff being the awesome dude he is... we were able to bring him back to our circle and add his freaky character to our sound.